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Bring your groaners and commentary most foul, then let the punishment fit the grime. For those that appreciate the most unappreciated form of word-flay.

End User (bend over, artistic) License Agreement:
(c-and-p'd from the "Big, Fat FYI" thread)
If any response seems derogatory or aggressive, it's not intended that way at all! It's all part of kidding around with words. Hopefully our participants puns are not so obscure as to go unappreciated.

So if ya feels attacked, please message the person who posted, and ask them directly (and I further recommend *mildly* if possible), about their intent.

If you still need satisfaction, we can arrange a separate area where both parties can resolve issues in the manner of our ancestors: naked, greased-up, and with chainsaws.

In summation, while moral, ethical, and societal sensibilities are fed to the wolves here, I hope no-one has been *personally* offended by anything we've bandied about.

Let's all work together to keep it pun. RSS Feed what is XML?

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